Grace Orphanage Lviv

This orphanage is located in Lviv, Ukraine. This is a Christian orphanage that relies 100% on private donations and investors to be able to provide its services to these children. They are not operated by the state and they rely on God's provision to keep their orphanage open and operational. We had a chance to meet the director and some of the children on a recent visit where we provided new shoes to all of the children and toured the 3rd floor where they are building out a living space for older kids who have aged out. This orphanage is hear and dear to our friends hearts who live in Ukraine and whom we stay with when we go to visit. Our friend used to work at this orphanage before moving to one closer to her home. She introduced us to the needs at this facility and we love the work that God is doing here through "Grandpa", as the kids call the director. We will be partnering with them for specific needs as we pray about God's direction on other ways to get involved. Thank you for considering assisting us with this great opportunity!

These photos are from our trip in the summer of 2021!