Where God Guides, He Provides - Isaiah 58:11

Over the summers of 2017, 2018, 2019, and winter of 2018, our family hosted children from Ukraine. Each sibling group we hosted we prayed might become part of our family. Our journey was full of disappointment, hurt, and too many surprises to even mention. However, even more so, it was full of blessings, fulfilled promises, and support that made the journey one we would not change for anything. Through our time of hosting we also went on two mission trips sponsored by our church to Ukraine. We made many friends there and our hearts were opened to the need of the children in Ukraine, specifically orphans. Many of these orphans will never be adoptable. While many of the orphanages try their best to care for the children adequately, their resources are many times limited and some of them live in old buildings that are cold, damp, and dark. The children many times are left to fend for themselves and many younger children are left in cribs or rooms without much adult interaction. It broke our hearts for the children of Ukraine.

In the fall of 2019 God answered our prayer for adoption and we adopted two sisters from Ukraine. They were living in two separate orphanages due to their ages. On our three trips over to complete the adoption process we felt God calling us to do much more than just adopt. We saw the places where the children lived and the conditions that existed due to funding and location of these facilities. We made new friends with directors and others within the country and knew God was calling us to assist. We were able to complete one project while in country on the third trip and late in 2020 we were able to assist with a kitchen remodel at the orphanage our youngest daughter came from.

We know there are many stories like ours. God calls each and every person to a different level of involvement in orphan care but we believe that God calls all of us to do something. We felt not only the call of God for adoption but the call of God for the founding of this non-profit organization to be more involved and be the hands and feet of Jesus to even more children in Eastern Europe. If you feel God calling you to do more, please prayerfully consider giving. We post various projects as they come up as opportunities to give. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and your financial assistance! From our family to yours, may God bless you for your interest in caring for orphans around the world!