Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Date and duration of the host program?

A: Summer of 2022. We will work with host families together to set dates. It is usually eight weeks starting in mid to late June.

Q: I live in the state of _______________, can I participate?

A: Yes! The program is open to anyone living in the United States, however, you may need to travel to an international airport in the United States to pick up your child and drop them off at the end of the program.

Q: Who are the children awaiting host families?

A: Children awaiting host families are coming from Ukraine. Their ages are seven to sixteen years old, both genders, including sibling groups.

Q: What information is available on the children?

A: You will receive a child’s photo, with a short biography, describing child’s characteristics and hobbies. Register to access more info.

Q: How much does it cost to host a child?

A: The cost of the program is $3,000 per child, which includes the round trip airfare (to the pickup point), medical coverage, and other fees. You will still need to purchase your home safety study ($200-$500 depending on the agency you choose) and your background checks (around $50 per person).

Q: Are my hosting fees tax deductible?

A: We are a 501(c)(3) charity and will provide you with a letter to give to your accountant for tax deduction purposes.

Q: What is a child’s expectation regarding hosting?

A: Children come to America to experience a fun vacation in a family setting. You are giving these children a chance to enjoy 8 weeks of summer and create some wonderful memories.

Q: What activities should we do with our host child?

A: Host children are coming to the United States to enjoy a nice vacation. There are a lot of activities you can do, which will be enjoyable for a host child. The most important thing is to have fun with your host child, regardless of the activities you choose to do.

Q: What language do host children speak?

A: Host children will speak their native languages, and a large number of them may, most likely, also speak Russian.

Q: Am I going to be able to get support during the program?

A: You will have the contact information for a coordinator who can assist you during the child's stay. Please feel free to contact us as often as you feel needed, and we would be happy to accommodate any of your needs.

Q: How often do I report on the child’s well being throughout the host program?

A: We ask every host family to submit a weekly report (through Google Docs), accompanied by a few photos.

Q: How do I get started?

A: You can register here or fill out the application found on the main hosting page.