Kitchen Remodel for Kyiv Regional Center of Oberig

Our first project was started before we even had our organiation set up and ready to go! We partnered with our church and put out a request for assistance with remodeling the kitchen of the orphanage one of our girls came from. The director of this facility was very pleasant to work with and seemed to genuinely care about the children and the staff were excellent helping us while we were there. We wanted to do something to help as we could tell that in their small village they were not receiving all the funding necessary to care appropriately for the children. Good nutrition is one of the most important things you can do for children in situations like this. And the kitchen they had was in bad need of repair and their stove only half worked. Thanks to the Defender's Care ministry at Ridgecrest Baptist Church and friends and family, we were able to fund all new cabinets and a stove for their facility. Check out the before pictures below. Once the work is completed we will post the after pictures. These are the types of projects we hope to do with our partner facilities in Ukraine!