Grace Orphanage Lviv 3rd Floor Buildout

UPDATE 8/13/2022!! The children are back and there are 13 young ladies already living on the 3rd floor! Thanks to all of the generosity of people like you, these children have a place to live and learn as they transition into life on their own. Thank you for all of the prayers and support, this has been a big project and has taken about a year for us to raise funds and complete. We are so excited to see what God has in store for this space and we can't wait to walk in it again ourselves!

UPDATE 7/31/2022!! The work is done!!! Check out the pictures at the bottom to see some of the finishing touches that were done! This space is ready and the children will be back soon! The older kids will need a place to go and thanks to your giving we are able to provide them with just that! Thank you everyone for all of your giving and your prayers. We boast not in ourselves but God for his work at this orphanage! We are so honored he allowed us to be a part in it!

UPDATE 4/24/2022!! Everything is there! We still need to have the bedroom furniture assembled and there is some finish work in the bathrooms but this area will be ready for the older kids when they return. We are so excited to get this one wrapped up. No more fundraising is needed at this time. We need to pay the workers who have helped us get this across the finish line but we will have the funds to do that soon. Thank you for praying and giving! Once the furniture is assembled (may be later on due to the war) we will try to post pictures of the bedrooms. God is good! Pray for Ukraine and pray for all of the displaced families and orphans! We know God loves them more than we could ever imagine. He will use this to His glory!

We are ready to begin fundraising for our second project in Ukraine! This time we are going to focus on a private orphanage in the Lviv Oblast region. This project was selected as it fits with the mission of our organization to Simply Love and it benefits children that are aging out of the system in Ukraine. When children reach the age of 18 they can no longer be in an orphanage. Many of these children end up homeless because they have not learned how they fit into society and have not acquired any skills to start working. Grace Orphanage is working to remodel a third floor of their building that has been unused to be a transitional space where those who age out can live while they learn a skill/trade or start working and can move out to support themselves. Our goal is to assist them in furnishing this space. We are not alone in our fundraising as they have other organizations that also partner with them but we want to do our part to help get this project rolling. This is an especially tough time to be aging out in Ukraine with the pandemic. We want these young adults to have a chance! They are setting this space up to house about 20 young adults. They have 15 waiting for this space to be completed, two of which are currently living in the orphanage and who have turned 18 but have no place to go. Help us make this dream a reality by considering donating to this worthy cause to just Simply Love!

Updated photos from our trip summer of 2021!

These pictures are from the last six months with all of the work going on! We are so close! We only lack the purchase of mattresses!

And the mattresses arrived!

The furniture is being built and they are painting/putting up wallpaper!