Ukraine Relief Efforts

UPDATE 10/31/2022: Greg and Kate just returned from a very short and fast trip to Lviv to work with our partners at Grace Orphanage and to check on a roofing project in the city of Lviv for another orphanage. Greg and Kate were able to take one van load of food and clothing across to Lviv from Warsaw and then restock the van again to send the driver back a second time. While on site Greg talked to the director, "Grandpa", about his needs for the winter. You all helped us get them in a GREAT spot for the winter with clothing but food costs continue to rise. Grandpa's biggest need is to cover monthly food expenses for the children. They have found another partner from Italy that is also assisting with expenses.

UPDATE 8/13/2022: The children are back in Ukraine. It was not what anyone wanted at this point but all children who were evacuated to Italy had to return to Ukraine. Our partners are once again caring for these children at Grace. While in Italy we met the need for summer clothing, shoes, and we kept refugees staying at Grace fed! Thank you to everyone for your giving. We are now back to the monthly support fundraising that we are trying to accomplish for Grace. Check out the donate now link on the front page to give towards the daily care and feeding of the children at Grace. Thank you again to everyone who prayed and gave!

UPDATE 5/28/2022: We met our goal and were able to provide much needed support to orphans and fleeing refugees from Ukraine! My daughter and I went to Poland and spent time with the children from Grace and we were able to visit two other foster children who were staying in the Warsaw area with their mom and bless them with clothing that they needed thanks to your generosity! We are so grateful to everyone who has helped! The kids are doing well and enjoyed the clothing we took them. We were told of a need we are working on presently for shoes! Visit our Facebook page for more info!

In the early stages of the evacuation our team assisted financially in getting the children of Grace to safety. We helped provide supplies and fuel that they needed to get across the border into Poland. They are now safe in another country. We want to provide assistance to them as needed but for now the children have what they need. We stay in contact with the director there but as of right now we are not able to visit and they do not have any needs but they know we are ready to assist and come spend time with the children if needed.

The second group we work with had a rougher journey and left a few days later. They safely made their way through an unplanned route and had some bumps along the way but we were able to provide them with food for their journey (which turned out to be days) and they are now safely in another country as well. They are in a VERY SAFE place that unfortunately we will not be allowed to visit at all due to the secure nature of the facility. I have heard though that the children have been provided with clothing, medical care, and all of the items they need and are very happy.

We have been in constant contact with our partners in Lviv as they help house refugees and provide transportation across the border, up to 100 women and children per day! Our board feels that this fits right into our mission as we are trying to help the fatherless and the widow. While many of these people do have husbands and fathers, they are traveling to another country without them. We want them to have full bellies and safe transportation so we are using funds to assist in this. Just take a look at these pictures and the video posted by Grace. We could not do any of this without your support!

We stay in contact with our facilitator and directors in Ukraine. We get updates on the children and make sure they are doing okay. Our facilitator was in one of the hardest hit places of Ukraine just outside of Kiev for 15 days. She safely made it out Friday! We have been praying for her and we are so excited she was able to escape. We will be working with her as she identifies needs in the future and working with our other partners in Ukraine. Please prayerfully consider giving. This is all far from over and there are many resources there now to assist but we all know as time goes by people get "giving fatigue" as we like to call it and we want to make sure there are resources a month or more down the road to help them continue to serve and that we are able to travel (not on funds from the non-profit) to Europe to visit and assist when the time is right. Thank you all for your prayer and support. If you feel led to give, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check out the pictures below of the different ways your funds are being used!

Update: Our facilitator is in Krakow now and has settled into an apartment a generous donor made possible for her! She is trying to find work helping in the community with her skill set. She would like to serve other Ukrainians and stands ready to assist us with hosting when it becomes a possibility. We are so thankful to so many who prayed for her and our friends in Western Ukraine who helped her throughout the journey. It was truly amazing to watch God work through so many miracles in getting her from Bucha to Krakow. If she wrote a book I would love to read it some day, as long as she writes it in English!

Our giving link now takes you to our main donation page. We do not have any specific goals at this time. We still have the needs of the children that come up and we have needs from the orphanage in Lviv to keep it running. We are trying to help families keep jobs there so that they can provide for their families and so that they remain with the team and can care for the children when they return. They also still have upkeep and other areas of need around the orphanage in Lviv and we want to be able to continue to meet those needs so the children have a place to return. Thank you for your generous hearts and your prayers!

Pictures from Poland/Italy Trip!